You spend your time running from one business meeting to another and then coordinating your jobs with your lives. When it is finally time to take a break, it also means that it is time to fully experience all of those activities you have been daydreaming about, maybe while stuck in traffic on your way home. Tell us more about your dreams and what a perfect holiday is for you.

Our job is to make you fully experience all the activities and ideas you have been collecting for your Italian holiday. We have wide experience and a very diverse team that covers many different fields. Whether it is a cultural or an adventure or a getaway holiday, we have the right ideas and organizers for you.

Your Italian dream comes true with Lucia

Lucia is a talented art historian with an eye towards modern trends and how to connect them to centuries of Italian history. Her team is made up of historians and social cultural experts, wine lovers, active people and spa scouts, soccer lovers and professional singers. We love working with single travelers as well as with families, group of friends and couples. If you are travelling to celebrate a special occasion, we will help you make it an event to remember in the years to come.

Through our many years of experience we have come to the conclusion that the best deal is the one that has a little bit of everything our clients want to experience. We like to combine different activities like art, food, wine, cultural and local habits, all with concern for the environment and how to preserve our land and our traditions for the years to come.

Experience the adventure of a lifetime

Also how about a little adventure during your stay? Sometimes just experiencing a closed-door visit of a special site can be an adventure, as well as cycling through our mountains and hills, or horseback riding in the countryside, or even trying some of our typical foods and wines. How about driving a Ferrari or sitting in a sidecar on your way to a medieval castle?

We pride ourselves on trying to give you the best our market has to offer, even during the high season when crowds can sometimes be brutal. Sometimes a helicopter ride or a special opening of a museum can solve the issue of massive tourism.

So repeat with us, YOU deserve your holidays to be the best ever!